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實習心得 Part 2: Breaking Through Language Barriers

Jackie Huang , 2011/07/27

By Anne Chou

實習小名: Tracy

Having become enthralled with Taiwan last year, after taking the opportunity to revive my Chinese by studying for five months at the National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center, I decided to find a way to stay longer. Continue Reading →

實習心得 Part 1: 瘋狂搖滾女孩 Papa

Jackie Huang , 2011/07/25

By Anne Chou

實習小名: Papa
就讀學校: Art Center College of Design in Pasadena
實習期間: 5/30 – 8/12
主修科系: Graphic Design Continue Reading →

實習心得 Part 2: 可愛俏皮 Michelle

Jackie Huang , 2011/07/22

By Anne Chou

實習小名: Michelle
就讀學校: University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
實習期間: 2 months internship
主修科系: industrial design Continue Reading →

實習心得 Part 1: 學藝兼備 Jayme

Jackie Huang , 2011/07/19

By Anne Chou

實習小名: Jayme
就讀學校: University of Pennsylvania
實習期間: 5/30 – 8/12
主修科系: Systems Engineering, Cinema Studies, English Continue Reading →


Jackie Huang , 2011/07/13

By Anne Chou

原本只是要輕鬆幫設計師們,重新拍攝貼在辦公室後面的大頭照,不料老闆靈機一動出了個題目,這個附有遊戲規則的大頭照拍攝企劃,正式展開~ Continue Reading →