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實習心得 Part 2: Breaking Through Language Barriers

2011/07/27 by Jackie Huang

By Anne Chou

實習小名: Tracy

Having become enthralled with Taiwan last year, after taking the opportunity to revive my Chinese by studying for five months at the National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center, I decided to find a way to stay longer.

PEGA is like a portal to getting a fantastic opportunity to improve Chinese language skills, and design not only products for a variety of clients, but also company pursued products. I told myself to take the plunge, and once I started, I realized the kind of struggle I would come across. Not surprisingly one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences at PEGA has revolved around language.

Three months in, and I am still learning basic words like functional (功能), metal (金屬), and waterproof (防水材料), feeling inadequate when I could only understand the “main topic” of each conversation in internal meetings. Luckily, PEGA is full of awesome and intelligent people who make this experience worthwhile. The people here are so enthusiastic in projects they pursue, even if it is trying to win silly dancing contest within the office, or using a stool think out-of-the-box in photo session. Perhaps because PEGA D&E is so accommodating to international designers, it is easy for the designers to introduce Taipei and PEGA to newcomers. Even the simplest of questions are answered thoroughly here, whether using Chinese or English or drawings to explain. This is one of the great things about working with such creative people; they can find a way to communicate with whatever means possible. 

About the author

Jackie Huang

我不是科班出身的設計師,但我真的熱愛設計,我用真實的生活去思考、感受, 我是個平面設計師,但我希望我不只是個平面設計師。

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