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Robot-Built Furnishings by Dirk Vander Kooij

2012/02/14 by Jackie Huang

By Chihwen Hsieh

利用機械手臂外掛噴頭 做的大型rapid prototyping 跟家具設計

Dirk Vander Kooij has expanded his menu of robot-built furnishings made out of melted refrigerators, with a new miniature chair and a dining-room table.The Dutch designer blew us away last year at the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven, when he presented a disused industrial robot that’d been hacked to spew a hot stream of ground-up, recycled refrigerator bits in the shape of a chair. The robot was capable of spitting out 4,000 chairs a year, each customizable and totally functional. Here’s a nice distillation of the process:



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Jackie Huang

我不是科班出身的設計師,但我真的熱愛設計,我用真實的生活去思考、感受, 我是個平面設計師,但我希望我不只是個平面設計師。

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