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感動人心的互動藝術家 Chris Milk

2012/06/13 by Elim Cheng

By Elim Cheng

“…I try to figure out how technology can be integrated into human experiences, and can you use technology to produce real human emotions to people.” said by Chris Milk.

互動科技今天被廣泛的討論如何應用在介面或產品上面,其實它還可以被拿來用在許多其他你沒有想過的地方,Chris Milk的works中就有一些非常好的例子。不管是Music Videos, Interactive Installations, or even Concerts. 透過人們的參與,Chris Milk希望可以將冰冷的科技轉化為可以感動人的一個經驗。在這邊介紹Chris的兩個作品:

The Treachery Of Sanctuary

有點像Shadow Monster, 但所呈現的images更美麗也更有意境。發表於The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012


More detail&How it works:

The concert project with Arcade Fire

每個大球裡裝著LED和IR sensor, 當觀眾輪流push這些大球時,產生出像萬花筒般的顏色和圖案。藉此大型的互動裝置,讓觀眾產生出對此音樂會共同的獨一無二的emotion experience.

How it works:



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